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Exceptional Senior Game is Sunday (11/29)

Somers coach Leigh Fiorito let me know that the Exceptional Senior Field Hockey game is scheduled for 11 a.m. Sunday at Ossining High School. Thank you Coach Fiorito. The teams will play three 25-minute periods in a round-robin format.

Here are the rosters, courtesy of Coach Fiorito:

White Team:

#17 Kelly Linehan (White Plains); #25  Hannah Orfe (White Plains);  #6 Amanda Simmons (White Plains);  # 3 Mariana Hess (White Plains); #26 Cassie Durland (John Jay-East Fishkill); #9  Julianne Poggiogalle (John Jay-EF); #13 Carly Grimaudo (John Jay-EF); #40 Abby Seelig (Ossining); #8 Katy O’Hanlon (Ossining); #22 Caitlin Costello (Ossining); #23 Michelle Andoy (Ossining); #1 Jill Sue (Pleasantville); #4 Emily Munier (Pleasantville); #5 Leanne Amicucci (Pleasantville); #10 Jen Seisdedos (Pleasantville).

Blue team:

#10 Breanna Longo (Hen Hud); #33 Claire McGuire (Hen Hud); #24 Lisa Bucci (Irvington); #30 Brittney Myers (Irvington); #14 Laura Schenkel (Irvington); #6 Jen Rabe (Pawling); #22 Marisa Kaplan (Pawling); #12 Tara Smith (Pawling); #4 Kim Gigante (Fox Lane); #29 Jenn Pollack; #8 Bianca Soria (Fox Lane); #7 Tamara Tribble (Valhalla); #9 Lauren Arnau (Valhalla); #2 Molly Black (Brewster); #3 Kristen Cartledge (Brewster).  

Green Team:

#28 Laura Bauer (Our Lady of Lourdes); #27 Janine McAllister (Our Lady of Lourdes); #5 Shannon Quaid (Our Lady of Lourdes); #2 Angela Theodoseau (Our Lady of Lourdes); #24 Jessica Katz ( Hastings); #23 Kelsey de Courcey (Hastings); #29 Dana Borelli (Hastings); #37 Alyssa Duke (Hastings);  #10 Elizabeth Goodell (Bronxville); #4 Sarah Steinborn (Horace Greeley); #6 Cheryl Cho (Horace Greeley); #21 Lindsay Kirk (Carmel); #22 Christina Caso (Carmel); #40 Janelle Colon (Clarkstown South); #8 Jillian DiPiazza (Clarkstown South); #7 Alexa Quinones       (Clarkstown South).

Gold team:

#17 Erica Cinque (John Jay-Cross River); #10 Natalie Antenucci (John Jay-CR); #20 Christine Stocks (Nanuet);  #32  Nichole Coghlan (Nanuet); #21 Caitlin Baranowski (Mahopac); #18 Courtney Stein (Mahopac); Ashley John (Mahopac); Jakki Reger (Mahopac); #9 Erin Flaherty (Croton); #8 Rachel Neabore (Nyack); #4 Victoria Boston (S0mers); #1 Kelly Datino (Somers); Amanda DeChent (Putnam Valley); Katie Stuntz (Mamaroneck); Heather Noto (Mamaroneck); Kristen D’Alba (Mamaroneck).


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  1. how come there are no lakeland or rye girls?

    Comment by fhlove | November 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. The Lakeland and Rye seniors are playing at Festival (in Palm Springs)with Coach Sarsen and Coach Gonzalez.

    Comment by section1fhock | November 28, 2009 | Reply

    • Some Mamaroneck girls, a Bronville girl and Scarsdale’s goalie are playing at festival on different teams also.

      Comment by FH | November 28, 2009 | Reply

  3. Coach Sarsen’s Hudson Valley team has other girls from Section 1 also and some other Mamaroneck girls, a Bronville girls and Scarsdale’s goalie are also at Festival playing one other teams.

    Comment by FH | November 28, 2009 | Reply

  4. Coach Sarsen’s girls won the Gold in the U19 Pool K Division in Indio, California. Congratulations to Jill Caffrey, Chelsea Remling, Leanne Goldblatt, Emma Bozek, Bridget McGovern, Shannon Scavelli, Megan Bozek, Nikki Schultz, Amanda DiDomizio (all of Lakeland), Vicky Tentini (Briarcliff), Carly Grimaudo, Jade Dennett (JJ East Fishkill), Caitlin Malone (Ossining), Torie Stearns, Olivia Nabhan, Annie VanWagenen (Rye), Madeline Despins, Jessica Gardiner (Mamaroneck, Hannah Tavella (Put Valley).

    Comment by fhmom | December 1, 2009 | Reply

  5. I miss this blog and your absolute baldness.

    Comment by The Voice | December 17, 2009 | Reply

  6. Tony will you be writing the blog this year as well??? Love here your opinions on the teams and games!

    Comment by Big Fan | September 4, 2010 | Reply

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